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Production of trains and facilities for separate collection

In order to support local authorities in the realization of the Law of Ukraine 1825-IV, dated 21.01.2010 "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of waste management" in the implementation of separate solid domestic waste collection, SPE "Rada" offers a comprehensive implementation of separate collection of solid waste. It includes the creation of programs under funding, and providing the customer with modern containers of European standard with automatic unloading, with special vehicles for transporting sorted municipal solid waste, and modern plants for processing MSW of own production.


Standard equipment for the installation of trains and facilities
for separate collection

Type of product Options
Cost of equipment per unit, UAH
Fiberglass Container of European standard for separate collection volume - 2.5 m3 4.500
Fiberglass mesh Container of European standard for separate collection volume - 2.5 m3
Plastic Container of European standard volume - 0.240 m3 500-600
Special vehicles (based on TATA manipulator) capacity - from 1 t 250 - 300 thousand
Lines for separate collection production capacity - from 5 tons / year 500 to 1 500 thousand
Perforator for PET bottles manufacture capacity of 2.7 t / h

Press for solid domestic waste au., n / a, horiz., vertyk. performance
25-300 thousand
Receiving points  (on request). area - 20 m2 15-40 thousand

*Warehouse area from 300 to 1000 m2. is needed.

Also, our company manufactures equipment for the processing of polymers:
  • Grinder - capacity from 5 to 30 kW, various design modifications;
  •  Agglomerator - capacity from 22 to 60 kW, rotor and 2-rotor performance;
  • Washing machine with dryer;
  •  Transporters;

Also different machines’ options can be changed at the request of the customer.

We also produce other auxiliary equipment for processing recyclables.
Finally, we perform repair of equipment (crusher, agglomerator, etc.)

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