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Our company offers a wide range of services of recycling, transportation and processing of industrial and household waste.

SPE "Rada"  operates (i. e. collection, storage, transportation, treatment, disposal), in the sphere of waste management on the basis of licenses, using the proper equipment, a polygon (Municipal solid waste landfill)and special vehicles.

List of waste
• Used batteries: solid and broken;
• Waste containing mercury, mercury compounds, including used fluorescent lamps and appliances;
• Waste oils product unsuitable for usage (including waste motor oil, industrial oil, and their mixtures, oil / water, hydrocarbons / water emulsion);
• Waste oil contaminated (waste textiles, leather products contaminated, oily cleaning materials);
• Waste of Acids or Bases and other compounds (Waste phenols, phenol compounds including chlorophenols in the form of liquids or sludges);
• Waste containing electroplating sludges;
• Wastes containing principally organic constituents, which include metals and organic materials;
• Waste of production, and usage of pharmaceuticals and medical products (waste of acquiring biocides and phytopharmaceutical drugs that do not meet the standards, or have expired, or are unsuitable for intended use);
• Drugs and pharmaceutical substances (including veterinary), medicinal products, damaged, expired, including Not identified;
• Wastes that consist of, or contain chemicals that do not meet specifications or have expired;
• Industrial  waste, degraded,  defected, including expired;
• Household waste (full range);
• Waste and scrap of electrical and electronic nodes (tested computer, office and household appliances);
• Filters for automobiles:  oil, fuel, air, etc.;
Silts of  car washes;
• Wastes of resins, latex, plasticizers, glues and binders production;
• Residue after cleaning reservoirs;
• Production waste, waste of receipt and use of inks, dyes, pigments, paints, lacquers, varnishes;
• Production waste, receipt and use of Photographic chemicals or materials for processing photographs;
• Glass waste from cathode-ray tubes and other activated glass;
• Wastes containing principally organic components, the composition of which may contain metals and inorganic materials;
• Waste of  liquid heat transfer agent;
• Construction waste including asbestos roofing.

Including the treatment with certain types of waste as secondary raw materials (collection, storage, treatment, disposal): wastepaper; glass; polymer waste, rubber, including used tires, textile materials, metal containers (boxes, flasks, banks, including aluminum cans under beverages) striking glass products and materials, styrofoam.

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